2019 camper registration is now open. Registration closes April 30th.

What can I expect at camp?
Things to Bring
Things to Leave at Home


Campers must be 9-15 years of age during camp week and must regularly attend a Christadelphian Sunday School in order to participate. Children who will be turning 9 after camp week but before the end of the year may still register, but will only be placed in spaces remaining on May 1st.  

What can I expect at camp?

New friends, Counselors and Cabins

Your cabin family will consist of two counselors and seven fellow campers. Prepare to make new friends and get to know your current friends a whole lot better! You will share a cabin at night and sit together during meals in the dining hall. Make sure to leave your cabin tidy when you head off to class so that you are a contender for the daily Clean Cabin Award.

Bible Lessons

You will participate in two counselor-taught classes each morning on the theme of "Judges".


In the afternoon - after your cabin has completed your daily chore - let the games begin! You are free to participate in a group game such as soccor, flags, or sponge wars, or to exercise your creative skills by working on a craft.

Music and Drama

Sing your favourite Bible songs (and some new ones too!) during the sunrise and sunset services. Perform a skit with your cabin at the Sunset Service and compete for a Skit Award.


You will be assigned to an Olympic team with which you will compete for victory and a year's worth of bragging rights.


Things to Bring

Please bear in mind that there is very limited storage space inside the cabins.

Due to allergy concerns, as well as mice issues last year, please DO NOT bring snacks to camp. Snacks will be provided.

Things to Leave at Home

Food. Please be respect the safety of other campers as well as the campground allergy policy and leave snacks at home.

Cell phones. Camp Jubilee is an opportunity to escape the world and make or strengthen friendships with those that love God. To this end we expect campers to leave cell phones at home. Parents needing to make emergency contact while camp is in session can call 647-569-0153.

Other electronic devices (excepting cameras and alarm clocks). This is camp, not a tech convention. Electronic devices will be confiscated and their security cannot be guaranteed.

Registration Link and Forms

Registration consists of three parts:
  1. Completing the online registration form linked here.
  2. A signed Waiver Form is required for each child registered.
  3. A signed Medical Form is required for each child.

Signed waiver and medical forms should be mailed within two weeks of completing the registration form to:

Camp Jubilee Registrar
519 Arrowhead Road
Mississauga, ON L5H 1V5

Medical forms can be modified by parents when dropping children off at camp.

The cost of tuition is $100 for the first child attending per family, $90 for the second child, and $80 for each subsequent child. Tuition can be paid by cheque or cash when children are dropped off at camp.
Please note that the actual cost of the camp per child is approximately $200.

Families in need of financial assistance are welcome to contact the committee via campjubilee.info@gmail.com.

**Camp Jubilee will cover the tuition fee for your first child if you can commit to cooking for the full duration of camp.**  

Camp Design

Campers are welcome to submit designs or ideas for this year's camp logo to campjubilee.info@gmail.com by June 11th. Designs should relate to the theme "Judges" and can be submitted in any format including scanned drawings.